The Dr. JB's 16 oz. Clean Feeder

The Dr. JB's 16 oz. Clean Feeder is the problem-solver of hummingbird feeders.

* Finally!! A dishwasher safe hummingbird feeder.
* Wide-mouth glass jar for easy cleaning and
mess-free filling.
* Two-piece base for easy cleaning.
* Select a hummingbird feeder with your own choice of petal colors!

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" Wow… what a pleasant surprise… the perfect end to a less-than-perfect-day. :- ) I have 16 of your feeders; we keep 8 on line at a time, then swap every 2 weeks. I rinse and clean every 2-3 days depending. The thing I like best about them is how easy to keep clean. One of the banders who is a regular at the Rockport Hummer festival showcased your feeder at his banding table… and I’ve been hooked ever since. Many thanks & till later."
- Rick Stockstill - San Antonio, TX

" [Pertaining to the Dr JB Hummingbird Feeder] - I absolutely LOVE, LOVE this product!"
- Sharon Sampson

"After testing several types of hummingbird feeders in Southeastern and Southwestern states, I found your feeders to rank at the top when comparing all features.. A lot of practical, analytical thinking went into the design of these feeders. Among the features that all hummingbird fans should find most appealing: First, they are very sturdily built. You don't have to worry about the components cracking and breaking when heavy winds bang them against a tree or pole. Next, they are so easy to disassemble and clean. Simply take the feeder apart and place it in a dishwasher. This saves time, especially if you put out multiple feeders. They are designed to be leak proof and as a result, are probably more insect proof than any feeder I have ever used. Simply put, hummingbirds get the sugar water and not bees, wasps and other critters. You can eliminate any ant problem by adding an ant moat above the feeder. The last thing I noticed may be due to the subtle color combination; hummingbirds just love this feeder. That made me happy. Fantastic product, Dr. J.B. !!!"
- Joe Lively, author of the award winning book - HUMMINGBIRDS AND FLOWERS THEY LOVE.

"We purchased Dr. JB’s Clean Feeder. What an absolutely great feeder. We have had a constant stream of Hummingbirds since we hung it up. Thank you for such a great product."
- Ron & Rebecca Williams – Hartville, OH

"I love the Dr. JB's hummingbird feeders that I purchased last year. They are absolutely the best hummingbird feeders I've ever purchased"
- Debbie T., North Carolina

"This is the best new feeder to hit the market in years! Having been fortunate enough to test the feeder during the design stage, I consider it a huge success! In my opinion, it may just be the last hummingbird feeder that hummer lovers will ever have to purchase. It is worth every penny of the cost. It is a rugged beauty that the hummers love! I have ten of your feeders hanging in my yard NOW. They are actually getting more play than the old PerkyPets that I have favored for years."
- Bob Sargent (President, Hummer/Bird Study Group, Inc., and Master Bander), Trussville, Alabama

I'm impressed with the company's commitment to responsible bird feeding, and they're not getting their sample feeder back! Considering the quality of design, materials, and workmanship, the Dr. JB's feeder is well worth its price. Highly recommended.
- Lanny Chambers, hummingbirds.net

The feeder hangs at our cabin on Lake Superior. Each night we are visited by a bear that destroys our Droll hummingbird feeders. Last night, he did tear down the Dr. JB feeder. It DID NOT BREAK. Hurrah, your feeder is a hardy one! And the hummers love it!
- Cassie G., Minnesota

This is the 8th feeder I've ordered from you, and they really are absolutely the best! Please, please, please consider making an oriole feeder - there's nothing out there even remotely close to the quality of your hummingbird feeders.
- Kathy L., Rhode Island

I gave one of your feeders to a friend, and she immediately ordered one for her dad. He'd never been able to attract hummers before, but she said within hours of hanging it outside he had his first visitor. All of my feeders have been in and out of the dishwasher for a year, and they still work perfectly with no leaks. You need to emphasize that the nice big hanging handle folds flat for filling----that's one of the features I love the most! I'm going to see if there's a listing for you on Dave's Garden; if not, I'll add my glowing endorsement! - Janet W., California

You guys have the BEST product! I have always loved my hummers, but now I love the whole process of feeding them too! Thank you for making it so easy for me and healthy for the birds. I will now have 8 of your feeders -- a set for the yard and a set for the dishwasher. Can't get any better than that! Hope you and yours have a beautiful summer!
- Michele L., Ohio